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Key technologies

Automotive Lubricants

Pioneering XTL® technology for a new generation of automotive lubricants that provides significant progress in the field of consumption reduction. Products on the basis of the newly developed XTL® technology impress with better cold start behavior and lower consumption in terms of both fuel and oil, while at the same time offering excellent aging stability and operational reliability. XTL® is an innovative formulation technology with optimized fluidity properties and unique viscosity-temperature behavior. FUCHS is a driver of innovation in this field.

Industrial oils

These universal high-performance, multigrade hydraulic oils are suitable for use in stationary and mobile hydraulic systems. Benefits include improved efficiency and, in particular, increased service life and change intervals. The products have excellent low-temperature behavior and a wide temperature application range. Due to the high efficiency, energy and thus CO2 can be saved. Products of this series meet the latest requirements of many mobile hydraulics manufacturers. Approvals according to BOSCH REXROTH RD90235 and RDE90245 as well as Denison HF0, HF1, HF2 are available.

The advantage of RENOLIN XtremeTemp

The special gear and corrosion protection oils based on mineral oil with VCI (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors) ensure reliable long-term corrosion protection in both the oil and vapour phases. The products are suitable for extended corrosion protection, especially in gearboxes that are stored and/or transported over a long period of time and equally for gearbox test rigs. They offer reliable wear protection, high scuffing resistance and good compatibility with gear oils. Products of the RENOLIN CLP VCI range meet or exceed the requirements for industrial gear oils according to DIN 51517-3: CLP, ISO 6743-6 and ISO 12925-1: CKC/CKD as well as AGMA 9005/E02: EP.

The lubricating and hydraulic oils of the RENOLIN MR series are characterized by their extremely high viscosity index and excellent cleaning and dirt-carrying capacity. Furthermore, the products offer special corrosion protection in addition to a long service life. They are suitable for all hydraulic systems that are exposed to large temperature fluctuations and humidity or operate outdoors, e.g. in sluices, weirs, machines in low ambient temperatures. The lubricating and hydraulic oils meet and exceed the requirements for hydraulic oils according to: DIN 51524: HVLPD, ISO 6743-4: HV (with DD properties).

The series consists of fully synthetic gear and circulation oils based on special polyalkylene glycols (PAG), for highest thermal loads. The oils are characterized by their very high oxidation and aging stability, high viscosity index (shear stable) and excellent viscosity-temperature behavior. In addition, the oils have the highest load carrying capacity, low friction coefficients, high FZG value, high micro-pitting resistance, excellent FE8 performance and very good pitting resistance. The oils of the RENOLIN PG series exceed the minimum requirements for lubricating oils CLP-PG according to DIN 51517-3; ISO 6743-6 and ISO 12925-1: CKC, CKD, CKE, (CKS), CKT. Approvals from renowned gear manufacturers are available.

Fully synthetic high-performance industrial gear oils based on PAO (polyalphaolefins) of the latest generation. The gear oils have a very high, natural, shear-stable viscosity index and excellent low- and high-temperature behavior. Other advantages include excellent wear protection, high micropitting resistance and very good corrosion protection. The products of the RENOLIN UNISYN XT range meet or exceed the requirements for industrial gear oils according to DIN 51517-3: CLP, ISO 6743-6 and ISO 12925-1: CKC, CKD, CKE, CKSMP as well as AGMA 9005/E02: EP. The industrial gear oils of the RENOLIN UNISYN XT series are approved by well-known gear manufacturers.

The RENOLIN ZAF B HT range excels through high thermal and oxidative resistance and excellent wear-protection characteristics. In combination with selected mineral oil-based solvent raffinates, the innovative zinc-free and ash-free additive technology guarantees excellent hydraulic and gear oil properties.

Universal zinc- and ash-free, detergent hydraulic oil and industrial gear oil with excellent aging stability and very high wear protection. Based on the latest low-sulfur and hydrogenated base oil generation and innovative additive technology. The hydraulic oil meets and exceeds the minimum requirements for hydraulic oils according to DIN 51524-2: HLPD, ISO 6743-4: HM and for gear oils according to DIN 51517-3: CLP and ISO 6743-6: CKC. Application when Brugger value: ≥ 30N/mm² is required.


This multi-purpose grease is based on the GII base oil generation and the latest additive technology. With the new, improved formulation of RENOLIT LX 2, the range of applications is very broad: The grease is particularly suitable for use in rolling bearings, electric motor bearings, clutch release bearings of e.g. crane vehicles, construction machinery, forging presses, commercial vehicle wheel bearings and machine tools. The grease is water-resistant, ageing-resistant, thermally and mechanically highly stressable, stable in operation and is further characterized by good corrosion protection.

The developers at FUCHS have succeeded in developing a new, special lubricating grease RENOLIT PU-LFT 1 (polyurea, low friction tripod) for constant velocity joints of passenger cars. Extremely low coefficients of friction in a steel to steel contact and a sufficient endurance/ durability of the grease in the joint, are the main characteristics of RENOLIT PU-LFT 1, which are usually difficult to combine. Read more.

Metal processing lubricants

This innovative, boron-free, water-miscible cooling lubricant (KSS) can be used universally and is particularly suitable for cutting and finishing steel and all common aluminum alloys. ECOCOOL AFC 1515 is a robust all-round product for multifunctional applications and alloys with many strengths: it offers high surface quality, good wetting properties, good washing properties for clean machines as well as low foaming, good filterability and low mist formation. Especially for metalworking in the automotive and automotive supplier industry, ECOCOOL AFC 1515 is the product of choice.

With the cooling lubricant ECOCOOL GLOBAL 10, we have succeeded in catering to the various requirements and release specifications within the aerospace industry. The product, developed specifically for machining aluminum and titanium alloys, complies with legislation in 19 leading aerospace countries. It is free from DEA, TEA, DCHA, chlorine, formaldehyde, silicone and boron and is highly resistant to microbiological contamination. In addition to this, it boasts excellent hard water stability, does not tend to form foam and is also designed for use with very soft water. The cooling lubricant has passed comprehensive laboratory tests in line with the machining protocols of leading aerospace companies and was able to confirm the high expectations of international customers in many field tests.

With ECOCOOL PHH AL, FUCHS has developed a universally deployable cooling lubricant for aerospace applications that is suitable for all kinds of material groups, is boron-free and fulfills the requirements of REACH and TSCA. Beside the standard market engine materials (titanium, nickel and aluminum alloys), the test also had to be passed for older high-strength steels to be approved for use at Lufthansa Technik.

In addition to the oily protective film, this series of corrosion protection oils also offers additional vapor phase corrosion protection (VCI, Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors). This also protects surfaces that have not been completely wetted. The products of the ANTICORIT BGI range are one of the standard preservatives of leading European bearing manufacturers and are available in various viscosity settings. The products are easy and versatile to use and SVHC-free.

With its ANTICORIT CPX® range, FUCHS has developed a new formulation category for long-term corrosion protection (10 years). This new wax system guarantees controlled runoff inhibition, both at increased temperatures and at normal ambient temperatures, without compromising penetration into gaps and flanges. It also easy to remove. Individual parameters – such as drying time, run-off tendency, period of corrosion protection and film flexibility – can be customized according to customer requirements. CPX® technology is extremely versatile and suitable for a whole host of different applications, whether cavity protection, long-term warehousing or transport protection.

The products of the ANTICORIT DF series are characterized by their simple and versatile applicability. The protective films formed are very thin and can be oily or waxy, depending on the product type. The formulation of the products in the ANTICORIT DF range enables rapid and intensive water displacement and clear phase separation between water and product. All products are generally very compatible with common re-lubricants, therefore rarely/no removal of the protective film is necessary before shoring. The worldwide uniform formulation and availability is another advantage of this product group.

WISURA FSP 5002 is a high-performance cutting and metalforming oil that contains no chlorine compounds and thereby represents a complete innovation in this product field.

With its GLEITMO SFL 9025 product, FUCHS has succeeded in developing a dry coating that contains a solid lubricant and is used for transmission parts in the automotive industry. This coating enables a controlled break-in process, which takes effect in the first few operating hours of the gearbox and leads to a significant increase in service life.

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