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Company policy

As a manufacturer and distributor of lubricants, cooling lubricants and anticorrosion agents as well as functional fluids and process materials, FUCHS LUBRICANTS GERMANY has defined quality as the main component of its long-term corporate success in its corporate mission statement. Quality is thereby placed at the very top of the hierarchy of objectives in every business segment.

The philosophy of "continuous improvement" culminating in the zero-error program applies both for our products and for the performance of every single employee in all company segments. These objectives are qualified by the setting of short-, medium- and long-term planning measures through the top management. At the same time, the management assesses the quality management system with a view to suitability and effectiveness at regular intervals in order to safeguard the quality policy and its objectives.

Our work provides the basis for our customers' and employees' trust in the quality of our products and services. However, the goal of all our quality activities is not merely to acquire trust, but also to constantly maintain and strengthen it. In particular, this requires all employees to be systematically informed of the goals pursued through the quality drive and to be trained in suitable methods for achieving these goals.

Our understanding of comprehensive quality can be described as follows: We want to achieve and maintain: (external goals) product quality service quality with the following means: (internal goals) personnel quality plant quality


The quality principles of the company

In line with the corporate constitution, the quality principles of the company are the guiding principle for our business activities. The most important tenets are:

Product quality
is the visible, constant and unmistakable high quality of our products and services;

Service quality
means meeting market needs in a customer-oriented and economical way; this is necessary to supply our customer with products

  • at the right time, 
  • with the right properties and 
  • in the right quantity;

Personnel quality
is the full commitment of all employees, which thereby forms the foundation for better shaping personal cooperation and other quality areas (product, service and plant quality);

Plant quality
is the future-oriented technical standard of our production plants in the broadest sense, which is necessary for

  • the environmentally friendly production of our products in line with market requirements, 
  • the economical provision of our services and 
  • the intellectual, mental and physical development of the people working at the plants.

Quality counts

FUCHS is a true lubricant expert. Almost no one understands the technologies e.g. of engines, gearboxes and hydraulic better than FUCHS. Because as the world’s largest independent lubricant manufacturer, we concentrate exclusively on lubricants. This has made us the leading factory-fill manufacturer for the German automotive industry.

We can always recommend you the best product because we know the technical requirements. Certified according to ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001, FUCHS has been continuously upgrading its highly specialised lubricants for decades.


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