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Medical technology

Knee, hip and dental implants | prostheses | surgical instruments | plates and screws

Lubricants for medical technology must be efficient, economical and free of substances that are harmful to the environment and health, and must also meet high requirements for qualification or validation.

FUCHS not only has a high-performance range of lubricants for medical technology, but also the necessary process expertise to meet the specific challenges and regulations. We are the only full-line supplier in the medical device industry and are at home where knee, hip and dental implants, prostheses, surgical instruments, plates and screws are manufactured.

FUCHS offers a complete range of certified, non-cytotoxic metalworking and machine fluids, corrosion inhibitors and the compatible cleaning medium. Externally tested in a medical device laboratory and certified according to EN ISO 10993-1-5-12, the advantages for the user are clear: higher process reliability, technological benefits and simple audits.

In addition, we are constantly developing our lubricants for medical applications so that we can offer our customers application solutions today that will future-proof your process in terms of performance, monitoring, work safety, environmental protection and cost-effectiveness. The global FUCHS team ensures that the selected products are also available locally for the customer in other countries of the world in the same quality.


For further information on lubricant solutions for medical technology, please refer to our brochure.

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