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Special application lubricants

The product range of FUCHS LUBRICANTS GERMANY GmbH includes lubricants and release agents for highly specialized applications. Our range of more than 1,000 high-quality, high-performance specialty products is well known around the world.

FUCHS LUBRICANTS GERMANY's speciality lubricants can be found where the performance of conventional lubricants ceases. The focus of our work is always on the individual application, on which we develop the tailor-made lubricant in close cooperation with our customers.

This has resulted in a constantly expanding portfolio over the last decades, which is characterized by its performance - even under extreme conditions. Furthermore, special application lubricants from FUCHS stand for sustainability as well as for safety, reliability and economy.

Examples of our specialty lubricants and their applicability:

  • High performance lubricants for open gears, bearings or furnaces in the cement and mining industry
  • Low temperature greases for arctic environments
  • NSF H1 registered lubricants for the food industry that also meet Halal and Kosher requirements
  • Bearing greases for the most economical long-term lubrication of wind turbines
  • Metal forming lubricants for highest part quality in the forging industry
  • Temperature-stable lubricants in the steel industry
  • efficient release agents in the refractory industry
  • environmentally friendly and noise-reducing lubricants in rail transport
  • Concrete release agents and special greases for the effective operation of machines and systems in the construction industry and for many other industrial applications

With over 1,000 specialty lubricants, the FUCHS product range offers customized lubricant solutions for individual requirements. All important information about specialty lubricants and their individual products can be found in the following descriptions

Lubricating greases and special greases

For more than 60 years, the high-performance greases from FUCHS have offered optimal protection for all areas of application. Thanks to well-engineered and proven lubricating greases that go far beyond conventional standards, our customers' machines and systems are optimally supplied.

With the best possible protection against wear and corrosion, we are successfully committed to the longevity of your machines. Our product range extends from long-life grease for construction machinery to biodegradable lubricating greases for environmentally sensitive areas to high and maximum temperatures for extreme operating conditions. Numerous approvals - both from users and OEMs - are proof of the high performance and reliability of the specialty lubricants from FUCHS.


Lubricating oils and lubricating fluids

While mineral oils were often used in the past, nowadays lubricating oils or lubricating fluids are the most suitable tools for many machines. Our oils can be used optimally wherever good penetration and wetting properties are required. In combination with their cooling and cleaning function, these modern, fully synthetic lubricating fluids are virtually indispensable for high-tech applications. New production and manufacturing processes, increased utilization of machines in conjunction with reduced time and personnel resources in maintenance and repair require the development of ever more efficient special lubricants.

FUCHS LUBRICANTS GERMANY's extensive range of lubricating fluids offers every user a wide range of options for use in lifetime and loss lubrication. Our high-quality, synthetic lubricating oils can be used for high and low temperature applications as well as in the food industry if special requirements are necessary.


Lubricating pastes and specialty pastes

With slow movements, under high pressure or with vibrating and sudden loads, metal contact and thus increased wear can occur. Lubricating pastes show their particular performance especially in these border areas of grease lubrication, where greases or oils reach their limits. If a sufficiently separating film of lubricant does not form in the contact zones of the moving parts, solid lubricants prevent metal contact and the threat of wear - even in chemically aggressive environments.

Reactive, white solid lubricants play a special role among pastes. These inorganic compounds are able to form reaction layers on a metallic base material even under specific pressure and temperature conditions (in tribo-contact). In addition to the effect of lower friction, such layers protect against increased wear even under extreme loads.


Adhesive lubricants

Our CEPLATTYN adhesive lubricants can be used in many industrial areas, e.g. on open gears of tube mills, rotary kilns, dryers, ore mills, calciners, as well as on slewing rings, gear racks, slide rails and screw connections. In addition, CEPLATTYN adhesive lubricants are excellently suited for rope core and rope maintenance lubrication. In our product range you will find grease based, graphitized high performance lubricants, solid lubricant-free, high viscosity fluids and solid lubricant containing semi-fluids.

CEPLATTYN adhesive lubricants from FUCHS are characterized by a highly effective and extraordinary performance due to their special additives and very good adhesion: Thus CEPLATTYN effectively and successfully reduces the wear of any equipment. In addition, CEPLATTYNs are tailored to a wide variety of operating conditions.

Properties of adhesive lubricants:

  • Excellent protection against wear
  • very good corrosion protection
  • water resistant
  • excellent adhesion resistance

An additional advantage of the CEPLATTYNs is that they can be processed using all known application methods.


Release agents for concrete and asphalt

When it comes to maintaining the grade or quality of (concrete) surfaces and to continue to use equipment without adhesion, the use of high-quality release agents is particularly important. Especially in the construction industry, thanks to our decades of experience, but also through close cooperation with our customers and users, we have been able to further develop the high-performance SOK product range with great success. Our products reliably meet all requirements for concrete release agents:

  • easy separation of concrete and formwork
  • concrete surfaces without pores and shrinkage cavities
  • temporary protection of the formwork and easy cleaning
  • and much more.

The same applies to our BITEEREX product range, which prevents asphalt from sticking to metallic surfaces in the area of bitumen and asphalt release agents.

In addition, our range of release agents includes die-casting release agents from the LUBRODAL series and release agents for the refractory industry from MOLYPAUL.


Solid film lubricants for metal and plastic

Especially in the area of dry lubrication, the use of bonded coatings usually enjoys the highest priority. This is because bonded coating has meanwhile proven itself millions of times and is used for metals, primarily in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and the screw industry. Binding agents, solid lubricants and solvents are the main components here. In addition, bonded coatings sometimes contain functional additives such as UV-active additives or corrosion inhibitors. These special lubricants enable dry, yet efficient lubrication. The advantage: Compared to conventional lubrication with oils or greases, simpler designs are also allowed.

The main advantages here include:

  • resistant to pollution
  • effective corrosion protection
  • easier assembly and disassembly of fitting parts
  • maintenance-free lifetime lubrication
  • extremely pressure and temperature resistant

In addition to metal coating, bonded coatings from FUCHS also offer a wide range of applications for elastomer seals (O-rings) or plastic parts and demonstrate their distinct friction and wear-reducing properties.


H1 lubricants for the food and beverage industry

With the specialty food grade lubricants from CASSIDA, FUCHS offers a comprehensive range of high-performance lubricants for the food and beverage industry. Only the permanent optimization of the composition ensures that the lubricants can be used in the best possible way for the respective application. In doing so, compliance with the highest safety standards is of the highest priority. Especially since the lubricants are used in the manufacture, processing and packaging of food, beverages, medicines and cosmetic products.Our customers therefore always benefit from the outstanding quality of CASSIDA lubricants.

TheCASSIDA product range includes synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants as well as white oil based products. This provides users with a comprehensive portfolio that offers a suitable solution for every application and requirement. The formulations are constantly being further developed to ensure the best possible performance for the respective applications.


Metal forming lubricants

Excellent part quality, optimal machine utilization, low operating costs and a lower environmental impact are factors that are very important in companies. Since the tolerances in industrial applications are getting closer and closer, we are increasingly involved in lubricant development. In addition to conventional forging and non-ferrous metal shaping, this also applies to high-speed and precision forging. Metal forming lubricants from LUBRODAL were developed in close cooperation with our users. The result of these efforts are the highest component quality, more process reliability and excellent economic efficiency.

The products of the LUBRODAL series cover a wide range of applications: from pre-coatings for scale minimization to pre-graphitizing in semi-hot forging and various types of tool lubrication, all common forming processes and related procedures are covered.


Corrosion protection and rust remover

If the smooth operation of machines and attachments is to be guaranteed, the use of high-quality corrosion protection agents is essential. In close cooperation with our customers and based on decades of experience, we have succeeded in continuously developing our portfolio of corrosion protection and preservatives in terms of performance.

Thanks to FUCHS LUBRICANTS GERMANY's preservatives, wire ropes of all kinds are given the best possible protection, e.g. in mining, in the steel industry or in the chemical industry.

Our environmentally friendly rust removers consist of a balanced combination of synthetic materials. Thanks to the rapid penetration of the fit, rust particles are quickly loosened, making the dismantling of rusted components much easier. For example, rusted screw connections and other mechanisms in contact technology can be made normal again.

The following features are particularly noteworthy:

  • excellent creep effect
  • displaces water
  • reliable corrosion and wear protection
  • good rust dissolving properties


Special cleaners and care products

Our special cleaners were developed to achieve a residue-free cleaning of parts. Thanks to their fast and high cleaning effect for machines and equipment, they are successfully used in all areas such as mining, transport, agriculture and forestry, metalworking and other industries. Very good creep behaviour and easy application ensure easier assembly, repairs, maintenance and servicing of the equipment.

Careful cleaning ensures proper lubrication or coating with bonded coatings. This is why our products are also ideal for cleaning vehicles, workshops, machine parts, etc.

The thinners from the FUCHS range are ideal for dispersing greases and pastes. They are also ideally suited for cleaning coating equipment such as spray guns or centrifuge containers.



The extensive portfolio of sprays from FUCHS covers a wide range of applications in many sectors and industries: From cleaners for removing bitumen, asphalt or wax residues (road construction) to anti-corrosion oil for preserving precision equipment, tools and devices. In addition, the CASSIDA range offers high-quality products for the food and beverage industry, e.g. synthetic chain lubricants and special grease sprays for direct food contact.

Whether for cleaning, lubrication, coating or maintenance of components - the easy-to-use sprays from FUCHS are ideal for assembly and maintenance as well as servicing.


Application devices for your specialty lubricants

The extensive range of high-performance lubricants from FUCHS is expanded by various application devices.

The proven SYSTEM REINER offers flexible and extremely versatile options for safe and clean lubrication of high-quality machines.

This system includes the HD two-handed grease gun and compatible SR screw cartridges, which are available for many specialty lubricants from FUCHS. Application with the HD two-handed grease gun enables particularly simple and clean handling. Even longer lubrication lines, large quantities of lubricant or even larger lubricant volumes per stroke can be applied without any problems.

The cartridges can also be combined with a number of other grease guns, which can also be found in our range and can be used in almost all industries. In addition, we have other grease guns in our assortment, such as the one-hand, compressed air and battery operated grease guns.


The right lubricant for your special application

When it comes to finding a lubricant or release agent solution for a highly specialized application, there is no way around FUCHS LUBRICANTS GERMANY's specialty lubricants. The extensive product portfolio offers a suitable solution for most special applications.

Our aim is to offer tailor-made solutions for individual customer needs. We are only satisfied when a suitable lubricant solution has been found. If necessary, we can also develop a lubricant tailored to the specific application of our customer.

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