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Excellent quality of parts, optimum machinery utilisation, reduced operating costs, lower environmental impact: whenever tolerances in industrial applications decrease, our commitment to developing lubricants increases.

With its detailed knowledge of the forging industry, FUCHS has developed an unsurpassed, comprehensive range of specialised products and technical services that provide optimised lubrication for high operational safety, productivity and efficiency.

Our specialty lubricants offer the highest quality and excellent application results all over the world. We develop our lubricants in close cooperation with the users – for excellent products and economical results.

With our broad range of high-performance lubricants, we are able to provide the most suitable product for any lubrication application in the forging industry. Our highperformance lubricants have been especially developed and exceed the wide variety of requirements for process and operational lubrication.

Our brand names – LUBRODAL, CEPLATTYN, GEARMASTER, LAGERMEISTER and GLEITMO – stand for the highest level of quality and reliability in the forging industry.

Areas of application of lubricants in the various process stages of massive forming

Due to the variety of the components manufactured by massive forming, the individual designs of the forging units and the adjacent systems differ significantly. Depending on the process sequence the most diverse types are used, starting with the upstream units such as billet shears and reducer rolls, through to the actual forging units in the form of screw presses, eccentric presses, wedge presses, hammers, hydraulic presses, etc.

As various as the individual types are, the fields of application of lubricants can be divided into two main categories:

Process lubricants

  • Products for pretreatment of the billets
  • Metal-forming lubricants

Operational lubricants

  • Plain and roller bearing lubricants
  • Gear lubricants

Fields of application for lubricants in the forging process

Scale that forms during heating of the billets has negative effects on the part quality and on the die life. Billet faces sticking to each other can cause interruptions that lead to an unstable process. A pretreatment with the products of the LUBRODAL range, which have been specifically designed for such a purpose, can help to minimise these effects.

The lubricants of the LUBRODAL series cover a wide range of applications. Due to the great variety of parameters in forging each application has to be considered separately. Our experts will be pleased to support you in this matter.

In general it has to be noted that all water-based die lubricants need to be sprayed. In deep cavities with long extrusion paths (e.g. when forging crankshafts), graphite-free water-based products reach their limits. For applications like this, products containing graphite must be used.

As operational lubricant, the high-quality adhesive lubricant CEPLATTYN KG 10 HMF ensures optimum operation reliability. Combined with the running-in lubricant CEPLATTYN RN these products allow the best possible operational conditions.

One highly stressed machine component is the connecting rod bearing. This is typically a plain bearing, and so has better damping characteristics than roller bearings. But differing sliding speeds and relative movements during the motion sequences demand a stable lubricating film and the best EP properties. STABYL L-TS MO (grease lubrication) and STABYLAN 2080 (oil lubrication) are able to meet these demands.

Linear sliding guides can be found in a variety of forms in the forging industry. One of the most important tasks is precise guidance of the forging dies. Good adhesion and the best emergency running properties are the basic prerequisites that the lubricant must satisfy. Continual relubrication with STABYLAN 2080 (oil lubrication) and STABYL L-TS MO (grease lubrication) will considerably reduce wear.

The high-performance lubricant LAGERMEISTER CX EP 2 is employed as a long-term grease for centrally lubricated systems. This lubricant, which is saponified with a calcium complex, has the best water-repellent properties and is suitable for the lubrication of the ejector system.

Maintenance products

Various products are available for machine maintenance. As special rust loosener, FERROFORM SUPER 7 creeps under moisture and provides excellent lubrication properties. METABLANC is a rapid metal cleaner which reliably removes grease, oil, adhesive residues and dirt from metal parts. PBC 1574 is a high-temperature assembly paste. It prevents screws from seizing and is characterised by a high pressure resistance. It is especially suitable as antiscuffing paste between die and die holder.


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