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Non-water-miscible cutting fluids

Cutting fluids from ECOCUT can be applied safely and in a stable way. They meet all legal requirements and ensure a long service life, also with boron and biocide-free products. They stand for highest cutting performance and outstanding finish quality.

Non-water-miscible cutting fluids, in contrast to water-miscible cutting fluids with good care, have an almost unlimited service life. Bacterial infestation does not occur in the absence of water.

Important for the application is a bath temperature below 40 °C, optimal temperatures below 30 °C, should also be preferred to use fluid families or multifunctional oils. 

Non-water-miscible cutting fluids of the ECOCUT series comply with current legislation and meet all requirements to ensure economical and cost-effective machining.
They offer:

  • good cooling effect
  • high lubricity
  • good rinsing properties
  • active improvement of cutting performance
  • high safety in environmental and health protection 

Further information about the extensive cooling lubricants program from FUCHS can be found here


The basis for our non-water-miscible ECOCUT cutting fluids, which are used for grinding (also called grinding oils), are special high-quality base oils. In addition, particularly effective additives support the grinding process. The products can be filtered very well using all standard ultrafine filter systems.

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