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Cutting Fluids

Requirements for cutting fluids

No lubricant is subject to such a fast change of the requirement profile as the cooling lubricant. A variety of ever-changing requirements in modern manufacturing, environmental and occupational safety requires innovative adaptations in terms of ingredients and application.

The principal functions of cutting fluids, whether they are water-miscible coolants or neat cutting fluids such as cutting and grinding oils, are cooling and lubrication.

The primary objectives are to reduce friction between the tool and the material being machined as well as dissipating any thus created heat. Another role of the cutting fluid is to flush any chips or swarf away from the cutting zone.

Additional properties of a cutting fluid include

  • providing effective corrosion protection for machines and components,
  • keeping foaming in check,
  • low evaporation and misting,
  • good skin and material compatibility,
  • a high flashpoint and high stability.

With a wealth of experience and comprehensive application knowledge, FUCHS not only offers suitable cooling lubricants for every material and every application, but also expert advice and experienced service, even after the purchase.

The global team of the FUCHS Group makes sure that your selected cutting fluids will be available all over the world- in the same quality, on site.

Water-miscible cutting fluids - ECOCOOL

A modern water-miscible coolant has to meet a variety of requirements today

  • efficient
  • economic
  • free from harmful and polluting ingredients

Our water-miscible cooling lubricants are characterized by the fact that they are

  • free of easily nitrosable secondary amines,
  • nitrite-free,
  • free of chlorine, zinc an heavy metals,
  • free of EDTA / NTA and are
  • skin-friendly.

Non-water-miscible cutting fluids - ECOCUT

Non-water-miscible coolants are neat cutting fluids for specific applications like tool grinding, gear machining, spark erosion, threading, honing, finishing, lapping and deep hole drilling. The innovative non-water-miscible neat cutting fluids from FUCHS do not only have a decisive influence on the process and the quality of the machined parts, but also make a major contribution to the safety and working conditions in the production halls. Of decisive importance here are the properties of the product used, such as flash point, evaporation and foaming behaviour. Not only the quality of the base oils used has a great great influence, but also the right and appropriate additive technology.
FUCHS offers a rich experience in the formulation of high-quality non-water-miscible coolants. As a result of this application knowledge, products of the ECOCUT series make a significant contribution to process improvement. 

New, cost-effective analysis case for testing cooling lubricants according to TRGS 611

The application properties of water-miscible cooling lubricants can be altered by various disturbance factors. Regular monitoring of the cooling lubricants is therefore absolutely essential for economical use and the lowest possible risk potential for people and the environment.

This is not only important from the point of view of service life optimization. The law also expects the user to keep the coolant in a perfect condition in terms of OH & S.

FUCHS offers more than just lubricants. With the new analysis case, FUCHS, as a technical solution provider, offers a simple and cost-effective way of fully exploiting the existing product potential in addition to its tailor-made cooling lubricants. The handling of this analysis kit offers enormous performance and savings potential for your cooling lubricant. Machine and tool costs can be significantly reduced, you create a hygienic and safe environment for your employees and know exactly when a change is necessary. And, of course, the FUCHS laboratory is still at your disposal for controlled complete analyses. With this analysis case, you can determine the concentration, measure the pH value and determine the nitrite value and water hardness.

Since a maintenance plan system is included in the analysis case, this test case also offers the machine tool operator everything he needs for documentation according to TRGS 611.

If you have technical questions, please contact your FUCHS technical contact or contact us at industrie-flg@fuchs.com

The specific coolant program for tool grinding with ECOCUT and ECOCOOL TOOLSTAR

In the manufacture of tools, the grinding process is the final forming an contouring operation, and in tool sharpening, this process is even the decisive step. The grinding thus has an important influence on the quality and service life of the tool. However, the quality of the results after this grinding process depends not only on the materials used, machine tools, clamping devices and grinding wheels, but in particular on the suitable cutting fluid. When grinding tools, a distinction is made between water-miscible and non-water-miscible cutting fluids. Both types of coolants have to prevent cobalt dissolution as the most important property in carbide machining.

Additional quality determining features are:

  • a good washing and rinsing effect
  • good foam and air separation capacity
  • good filterability
  • low oil mist formation
  • low evaporation
  • high flashpoint
Max execution time: 240