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Hydraulic Oils

High demand on a hydraulic oil

Hydraulic oils or hydraulic fluids play a major role in the industry and industrial oils. The share of hydraulic oils in Germany is well over 10% and thus constitutes an important group within lubricants.

The following hydraulic oils or hydraulic fluids are considered:

  • Hydraulic fluids based on mineral oil
  • synthetic pressure fluids
  • fire-resistant hydraulic fluids.

The technical importance of hydraulic oils is often neglected. Hydraulic oils are considered as standard or commercial goods. The wide range of pressure fluids often receives little attention. The solution of technically demanding problems in hydraulics, e.g. friction-vibrations of cylinders, are solved rather technical / constructive instead of seeking to solve this problem by the appropriate performance of a suitable hydraulic oil.

FUCHS hydraulic oil technology

As the leading lubricant specialist for hydraulics, FUCHS relies on consistent further development of the hydraulic oils or hydraulic fluids, e.g.

  • with the market launch of zinc and ash-free hydraulic oils as an alternative to zinc-containing hydraulic oils and biodegradable hydraulic fluids;
  • the use of food-grade H1 hydraulic oils;
  • the introduction of synthetic base fluids for multi-range hydraulic oils and new fire-resistant water-glycol-based hydraulic oils;
  • with significant advancements of ester-based, fire-resistant HFD U fluids;
  • with the optimization of hydraulic oils with regard to their filtration behavior with ultrafine filters;
  • with the development of hydraulic oils with special wear protection capacity (high Brugger oils); as
  • the offer of compatibility families of hydraulic oils and bed sheet oils as well as cooling lubricants in the machine tool up to
  • low-viscosity fluids.

FUCHS offers solutions aimed at increasing energy and efficiency through the targeted selection of hydraulic oils and the consideration of new requirements for shear stability, thermal and oxidative stability.

High efficiency hydraulic fluid
RENOLIN XtremeTemp

The hydraulic system

The viscosity of a hydraulic oil

Viscosity temperature relationship of hydraulic oils

The high efficiency of the hydraulic oil RENOLIN XtremeTemp

The hydraulic oil RENOLIN XtremeTemp in mining and construction equipment offers:

  • Higher productivity – more tons per hour
  • Better fuel efficiency – more material moved per liter of fuel
  • Longer service intervals – less wear and extended drain intervals
  • Higher flow rate at peak temperatures – faster response and smoother operation

In action: FUCHS hydraulic oil RENOLIN XtremeTemp

Our hydraulic oil RENOLIN XtremeTemp is put to the test. During the test the fuel consumption and productivity of our test excavator were monitored.

Max execution time: 240