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Paraffin waxes for the industry - high quality, versatile and well proven

Paraffin waxes are versatile due to their chemical properties. They are an important component of many products in different industries.

What is paraffin wax?

Paraffin waxes are produced from crude oil and purified by refining. Paraffin is a waxy substance that consists of long-chain hydrocarbons and has a high melting point. It is particularly characterised by the following properties:

  • solid substance that melts when heated
  • odourless, tasteless and non-toxic
  • chemically inert
  • water-resistant

These advantageous properties make paraffin wax a versatile material that can be used in many different industries.

Paraffin waxes from FUCHS

Paraffin waxes from FUCHS are produced to the highest quality standards to enable use in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors. We offer the right paraffin wax depending on the individual application - making FUCHS your reliable partner and supplier for high-quality products.


Areas of application

Due to its properties, paraffinum solidum is versatile and thus a popular substance in various industries.

Candle industry

Hard paraffin is one of the most commonly used raw materials in the candle industry. It offers many advantages, such as a long burning time, low smoke and soot formation and the possibility to produce coloured and scented candles. Paraffin can be used for a variety of candle types, including poured candles, dipped candles, candles in jars and votive candles.

Cosmetics industry

Paraffin waxes are also used in the cosmetics industry because of their positive properties. They are used in the following products:

  • Skin care: Creams, lotions and ointments contain paraffin wax to protect and moisturise the skin.
  • Lip balm: Paraffin wax is used in lip balms and lip care products to lock in moisture and protect lips from drying out.
  • Hair care: Hair sprays and pomades contain paraffin wax to add shine and texture to the hair.
  • Nail care: The use of paraffin wax softens and moisturises the cuticles.
  • Depilation: Hair is effectively removed with paraffin wax and the skin is moisturised at the same time.

Food and packaging industry

Paraffin waxes are mainly used as coating materials in the food industry. High-purity paraffin is required for this purpose, which contains no impurities and is subject to strict quality controls.

A paraffin coating protects cheese from drying out. Paraffin wax is also used in the baking industry as a release agent to prevent baked goods from sticking to the mould.

Medical devices and pharmaceutical industry

In medicine, paraffin wax can be used in many ways. On the one hand, this substance is suitable for coating tablets or for delaying the release of active substances. However, paraffin waxes are also very suitable in medical technology to increase the service life of devices or in physiotherapeutic applications (e.g. hand baths or fango).

Further areas of application

In addition to these main areas of application, paraffin waxes can be used in many other areas of application due to their properties:

  • as a care product for wood and metal
  • as a protective agent in the textile and leather industry
  • as a component of sealing compounds in the construction industry
  • in car care products
  • in the production of industrial floor coverings


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