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Slideway Oils

Optimum accuracy and high performance

Among the most important components in the power flow of a machine tool include the guides for moving the supports and work tables. Special requirements for the guides are high working accuracy and high performance. Dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the workpieces to be machined are particularly dependent on the "stick-slip" freedom of the bedding and guide systems.

In order to achieve optimum accuracy, the slideway oil used is of particular importance. In order to avoid chatter marks on the surface of the workpieces, a sufficiently well adhering lubricating film must also be present on the bed track / slideway, even with slow feeds and high surface pressures. This lubricating film ensures jerk-free movement, prevents stick-slip and protects against wear.

What is stick-slip?

The cause of stick-slip is frictional vibration resulting from the constantly changing friction between the machine-tool toolholder – the tool and the work-piece – or slide and its slideway. The same applies to linear guide systems. When a machine tool slide is moved, high frictional and breakaway forces are created. The roughness peaks on both contacting surfaces, which can key into each other with increasing specific pressure, must ride up over each other and the breakaway forces must be overcome. Special slideway oils and their additives assist the formation of lubricant films on the surfaces.

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