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Service Fluids

Service fluids from FUCHS complete the automotive full range for every vehicle. The right brake fluid, a suitable coolant concentrate or fuel additives are indispensable for every vehicle. Service fluids which, in addition to conventional applications, are also suitable for use in electric and hybrid vehicles, are labelled with BluEV Technology.


The requirements for an antifreeze is enormously high, because on average, about 150 liters of coolant per minute are pumped through the cooling circuit of an average car. One third of the heat of combustion is released from the coolant to the atmosphere. The coolant passes over 100 different materials and must be compatible with all of them.

Tasks and requirements expected of modern antifreeze, such as:

  • Antifreeze, i. e. reliable prevention of liquids freezing, even at extremely low temperatures
  • Protection from soiling/deposits to keep the entire cooling circuit working properly in the long term
  • Protection from overheating, for example if sufficient heat dissipation is no longer guaranteed due to soiling deposits
  • Protection from aging and oxidation, so that the protective effect of the coolant remains intact through-out the entire duration of the respective service interval and
  • Corrosion protection to reliably eliminate the risk of damage to any metallic materials in the cooling circuit, such as cast iron, cast aluminium, steel and brass.

Without proper coolant, the cooling system provides ideal conditions for corrosion thanks to its high temperatures and large volume of water. Deep rust spots/pitting can occur in the metal, potentially causing the coolant pump or the entire cooling system to fail. This can ultimately lead to extremely costly engine damage.

Brake fluids

Brake fluids are special hydraulic fluids used to transfer the pedal force to the wheel brake cylinder during braking. The demands on these important fluids are high:

  • A high boiling point means safety even in extreme conditions  such as extremely high temperatures
  • As low as possible boiling point drop through water absorption (high wet boiling point).
  • Optimal corrosion protection of the system.
  • Comprehensive compatibility with all brake system materials, such as As plastics, rubber or metals.

Always have your brake fluid checked every 2 years and replaced as necessary.

FUCHS recommends TITAN DOT 4 HT and TITAN DOT 514 LV. Both high-performance fluids meet or exceed all requirements placed on these important fluids. TITAN DOT 514 LV can also be used in selected electric and hybrid vehicles.

Gasoline additive

Fuels with high sulfur content (for example outside the EU), a high proportion of bioethanol (more than 10%) or of generally low quality often have a negative impact on start-up behavior, combustion and operational reliability. Many fuels are also sold without any additives. To prevent issues such as soiling deposits, any vehicle owner can take action on their own before problems occur.

Oil binder

TITAN ABSORPEX, for indoor and outdoor use, provides reliable protection against environmental damage caused by oil spills on traffic areas or leaks on solid surfaces. It also offers good slip resistance even at full saturation and penetrates through the fine grain in the smallest cracks and depressions.

In addition to premium engine oils and gear oils, FUCHS creates the highest level of safety and maximum performance for a smooth operation of every vehicle with a high-quality full range of automotive service products. Special requirements for each vehicle type are covered by original manufacturer approvals with our TITAN products. Together with the latest technology, our TITAN service fluids offer the highest possible protection and can therefore be used in almost any type of vehicle.


How to find the right service fluid for your vehicle

In our > Product Finder you will find an overview of our extensive range of service fluids for cars, trucks and commercial vehicles.

With the > Oil Chooser from FUCHS, you can find step by step the optimum service fluid for your vehicle.

You are looking for more lubricants? Our > Product Assistant helps you to find the right lubricant for your vehicle.

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