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Multifunctional oils

FUCHS has been known as a lubricant specialist in the construction industry and agriculture for more than 75 years. As one of the leading original equipment manufacturers for agricultural and construction machinery manufacturers, FUCHS can also offer a comprehensive product range to the corresponding workshop areas.

The AGRIFARM and TITAN lubricants from FUCHS ensure maximum operational reliability of all units, from engine oil to transmission oil and hydraulic oil. FUCHS' comprehensive product range covers all applications - from agricultural machinery such as tractors, mowing and harvesting machines to the most varied construction machinery applications.

The multifunctional oil as a universal all-rounder

In addition to lubricants such as highly specialized gear oils and hydraulic oils, FUCHS also offers real all-rounders for the applications already mentioned.

These STOU and UTTO lubricants have been specially developed for use in transmissions and hydraulic systems and can also be used in brakes that run in an oil bath (wet brakes).

STOU oils can also be used in the engine if the relevant specifications are met - making a STOU oil a real rationalisation alternative.

In simple terms, this means that a STOU is a UTTO with engine oil performance.

The table below gives you an overview.

Engine (with or without turbocharging)       X
Manual gearboxes      X      X
Gearboxes and gearbox-hydraulic systems with or without integrated wet brakes      X      X
Hydraulic systems      X      X
Final drives      X      X

How to find the right lubricant for your agricultural or construction machinery

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With the oil chooser from FUCHS you reach step by step the optimum lubricant for your agricultural and construction machinery

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