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Financial reports

Annual Report 2020

FUCHS PETROLUB is an agile, globally networked company that has lived through ever-changing times since it was founded almost 90 years ago. We create value for our customers, partners and employees with our globally defined brand and our promise of "technology that pays back". Our ongoing growth, new technologies, the increasing complexity of the global markets and the ever more stringent requirements of customers make our business more dynamic. We meet this challenge with passion and see it as an opportunity. We have already made some fundamental changes. And in the future, we will continue to define standards as well as standardized processes and work on new developments in the fields of digitalization and e-mobility – all this while increasing the agility of our company. With our thirst for innovation and the dynamism and specialist expertise of our internationally networked teams, FUCHS will continue to enjoy profitable growth so that we can maintain our leading international position well into the future.





Annual Report 2021

The Annual Report 2021 will be published here in March 2022. Detailed information will be announced later. 

Quarterly Statement 2021 Q1-3

The Q1-3 2021 quarterly statement will be published here on October 29, 2021 at 07.00 am CET.

Dial-in details

Please dial for the conference call:

  • from Germany: +49 69 201 744 220
  • from UK: +44 203 009 247 0
  • from the US: +1 877 423 083 0
  • PIN-Code: 20463871#

Annual Report and Interim Reports 2004-2020

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