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FUCHS kauft amerikanische BROOKS TECHNOLOGY

FUCHS LUBRICANTS CO. (USA), which handles the American business of the FUCHS PETROLUB Group, a global player on the lubricants and chemical specialties market, will be taking over BROOKS TECHNOLOGY in Cleveland (Ohio) from the English firm PREMIER FARNELL PLC.

BROOKS TECHNLOGY is one of the USA's top-ranking producers of high-quality lube greases and specialty lubricants for the industrial sector, and last year, with a staff of 31, achieved sales of 12.0 million dollars (25.4 million DM). 

This adds to FUCHS' healthy position on the American lubricating grease and specialties market. Significant synergies will be created in research and development, production and sales. 

FUCHS PETROLUB achieved sales of 181.5 million dollars (383.8 million DM) in the USA during 2000.

Mannheim, 13 February 2001

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