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Ad hoc - FUCHS managed the difficult year 2009 successfully

Ad hoc - FUCHS managed the difficult year 2009 successfully

  • Earnings before interest and taxes reached EUR 179.9 million (171.7)
  • Free cash flow increased to approximately EUR 180 million
  • Dividend proposed to increase to EUR 1.70 per preference share
FUCHS PETROLUB AG, with global operations in the lubricants industry, recorded revenues of EUR 1,178 million (1,394) in the financial year 2009. Despite the material decrease in revenues due to the world wide financial crisis and the consequent economic collapse, we exceeded our previous year's earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT). EBIT was EUR 179.9 million (171.7), which represents an increase of almost 5%. Earnings after taxes were EUR 121.4 million (110.3). Earnings per ordinary share were EUR 5.07 (4.43) and per preference share EUR 5.13 (4.49), both approximately 14% above the previous year's level. All figures are still provisional.
Cash flow in the reporting year reached a record level. The reduction of high levels of inventory and the positive earnings development generated a free cash flow of approximately EUR 180 million (7.5).
Subject to a corresponding resolution of the Supervisory Board on March 24, 2010, the Executive Board at FUCHS PETROLUB AG will propose a dividend of EUR 1.70 (1.60) per preference share and EUR 1.64 (1.54) per ordinary share to the Annual General Meeting to be held on May 5, 2010.
In 2010 FUCHS PETROLUB will once again strive to attain organic revenue growth. However, it may not be assumed, that the exceptionally good earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) generated in the
second half of 2009 will be maintained in the future.

The complete financial statements for 2009 will be published on March 25, 2010 and presented at the balance sheet press conference. This ad hoc announcement replaces the release of provisional figures for the 2009 annual financial statements as listed in our financial calendar.
Key figures of the Group
(Werte in Mio EUR)2009 (1)2008
Umsatz 1.178,11.393,7
EBIT179,9       171,7
Ergebnis nach Steuern121,4110,3
Ergebnis je Aktie in EUR  
Dividende in EUR  
Stammaktie1,64 (2) 1,54
Vorzugsaktie1,70 (2)1,60
Freier Cashflowca. 1807,5
(1)     Provisional figures
(2)     Proposal of the Executive Board

Mannheim, February 16, 2010
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This ad hoc message is also available on the internet at www.fuchs-oil.com.
Important note
This ad hoc message contains statements about future developments that are based on assumptions and estimates by the management of FUCHS PETROLUB AG. Even if the management is of the opinion that these assumptions and estimates are accurate, future actual developments and future actual results may differ significantly from these assumptions and estimates due to a variety of factors. These factors can include changes in the overall economic climate, changes to exchange rates and interest rates, and changes in the lubricants industry. FUCHS PETROLUB AG provides no guarantee that future developments and the results actually achieved in the future will agree with the assumptions and estimates set out in this ad hoc message and assumes no liability for such.

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