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White pastes

One particular group among the pastes from FUCHS LUBRITECH includes the products with white solid lubricants. Depending on the composition they form an adhesive protective layer in the contact zone of the sliding partners. This challenging function is activated by the surface pressure, lowers the friction and in particular inhibits the wear of the components. The protective layer is already beneficial during the running-in phase and helps to extend the lifetime of machine components considerably. The special synergistic effect of the combination of different white solid lubricants in GLEITMO pastes enables optimal separation, both in steelsteel pairing of materials and in other metal pairings with copper or aluminium alloys.

White pastes at a glance:



Pastes with white solid lubricants are preferably used on components and machine elements subject to particularly high loads/slow movements, rapidly changing operating conditions, e.g. alignment motion under load or oscillatory movements/vibration. With GLEITMO 585 K FUCHS LUBRITECH has developed a paste with white solid lubricants for highly loaded large-diameter bearings, that is unique in terms of protection against wear and customer recommendations. For decades, large-diameter bearings and rotary joints have been state of the art all over the world and in all areas of technology.

As an important connection and construction element, large-diameter bearings are used, for example, in truck-mounted and building cranes, in offshore technology, in buses and rail vehicles, in antenna installations in aerospace, in construction of harbours and ships, in telescopes, tunneling machines, in marine current and tidal power stations and in solar and wind energy installations.



For heavily loaded heavy-duty lifting spindles, and for car jacks and linear guides, GLEITMO WSP 5040 offers the highest protection against wear and the best compatibility with the contact materials. The white solid lubricants prevent stick-slip, even with unfavourable material pairings.



GLEITMO 585 M shows an exceptional performance when used in cardan joints. In this case there are no rolling movements as in a bearing, but a more or less uniform rotation with super-imposed pivoting. White solid lubricants are irreplaceable here for protection from wear.


GLEITMO 805 K-00

GLEITMO 805 K-00 is the correct choice in curved teeth couplings. Constant sliding movements require effective lubrication of the toothing when the coupling is subject to fluctuating loads. White solid lubricants ensure a reliable operation.



For clamping elements in machine tools such as lathes, CNC milling machines or drill benches, the appropriate suitable lubricant is GLEITMO 805. The lubricant adheres very well, provides excellent separation thanks to the white solid lubricants, thus preventing fretting corrosion and other signs of wear.



Hinges in windows, doors or commercial vehicle bodywork have to bear very high loads and are usually subject to rare and slow dynamic loads. White solid lubricants proved to be ideal for a lifetime lubrication free of noise and wear. GLEITMO 815 is particularly suitable because its functionality is maintained even at high temperatures up to 180°C.



GLEITMO 2465 V was created especially for use as a drill chuck paste in hand tools. With its white solid lubricants, GLEITMO 2465 V provides an incomparably high protection against wear. Furthermore, the lubricant is compatible with a wide range of plastic and rubber parts and is also biodegradable.



For low-speed chains that can be heavily loaded, such as on crawler tracks, GLEITMO 582 provides the appropriate lubrication. The chain lubricant is water-resistant, has a good penetrating capability and adheres very well to the items to be lubricated. Based on the white solid lubricants, the service life of the chain is increased many times.

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