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Perfluorinated pastes

If there is the possibility of lubricants coming into contact with very aggressive media such as acids or bases, there is no alternative to the use of perfluorinated oils and solid lubricants. The perfluorinated oils are also called PFPE (perfluorinated polyether) and the corresponding solid lubricants are called PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). These substances, that are very expensive to manufacture, can be considered as chemically inert. They are very resistant to oxidation. At FUCHS LUBRITECH you can find PFPE and PTFE in both the CARBAFLO and GLEITMO product ranges, with very different fields of application.

The lubricating pastes of the CARBAFLO range are based on perfluorinated oils and a combination of different solid lubricant packages and additives.

GLEITMO range: oxygen resistant pastes 
The oxygen-resistant pastes of the GLEITMO 59 range are distinguished by a high lubrication performance in combination with a resistance to oxygen pressure. Depending on the lubricant there is a resistance to oxygen pressure surges up to 400 bar and a simultaneous suitability for liquid oxygen applications. For all items of this range, each batch is subjected to a test for oxygen pressure resistance at an accredited testing institute. These lubricants are produced in accordance with the very sensitive applications in a specially designed clean room.

Perfluorinated pastes at a glance:



CARBAFLO 2160 is an excellent choice for the lubrication of sliding elements in sunroofs, mirrors and other car elements with oscillatory motion. The lubricant suppresses the formation of noise in any weather condition and, with its chemically inert components, remains entirely unaffected by all environmental influences.


CARBAFLO 2371 / 2372 / 2455

The pastes CARBAFLO 2372 and CARBAFLO 2455 are used in, among others, high-temperature bearings, sliding guides, electrical components such as plug contacts and further machine elements. CARBAFLO 2455 includes also a UV indicator showing under the appropriate illumination, which makes clear that the lubricant has been applied.


GLEITMO 591 / 593 (OX)

GLEITMO 591 (OX) is resistant to 60 bar/min and GLEITMO 593 (OX) to at least 70 bar/min against oxygen pressure surges. These lubricants are primarily used in oxygen-supplying fittings, measuring instruments or threaded pipe joints.



GLEITMO 595 MP has resistance to oxygen pressure of at least 220 bar and is ideal as a lubricant for, among others, oxygensupplying valves and conduits.




GLEITMO 599 is, with its oxygen pressure resistance of at least 400 bar and its suitability for liquid oxygen, the high-performance lubricant in the GLEITMO 59 product range. This makes the lubricant suitable for all high-pressure conduits and valves such as in medical applications, diving sport and also in welding installations.

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