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Pastes with metal content

Pastes that have metallic components as solid lubricants are particularly suitable for high-temperature applications. At temperatures beyond 300°C, it can be assumed that the base oil of every lubricant has already evaporated. In some applications very high temperatures or so-called flash temperatures occur between the friction partners e.g. due to very high surface pressures and rapid relative motion. It is nevertheless essential that the affected surfaces are reliably separated. In such cases the metallic solid lubricants are the correct choice. For example, the melting point of copper considerably exceeds 1,000°C making it the ideal solid lubricant in MEISSELPASTE for hydraulic demolition hammers.

Further application areas for pastes with metal content are high-temperature bolts, brake pads, turbine bolts, chain rollers, exhaust systems, flange couplings, slideways and applications in the chemical industry. Depending on the application, attention should be paid to the use of metallurgically compatible lubricants. For example, for stainless-steel bolts a compatible solid lubricant package must be selected. Metal-containing pastes can also be categorised as black pastes if there is graphite or molybdenum disulphide in the lubricant in addition to the metal particles.

Metalliferous pastes at a glance:



MOLYPAUL 1054 is a soft paste containing aluminium that can be used very well as an anti-fretting paste. The separation of machine parts is effected up to very high temperatures exceeding 650°C. As a base metal, the aluminum particles also serve as additional corrosion protection. There are applications, among others, in spark plugs or glow plugs.


GLEITMO 155 / 160 NEU / 165

For bolts or other threaded machine items subject to high temperatures, the best separation and lubrication is achieved with pastes containing metal. Even after a long time and at high temperatures, the components can be easily untightened and retightened by separating the thread using metallic lubricants. For the assembly of stainless steel bolts, GLEITMO 155 is well suited. GLEITMO 160 NEU is used for, among others, burnished and zinc-plated bolts. GLEITMO 165 is the right lubricant for turbine bolts in a chemically aggressive environment.



MEISSELPASTE is the one and only lubricant for plug tools and bushings in hydraulic and compressed-air hammers. The paste can also be used under water and adheres very well to the tool even an high outside temperatures and a long operating time.


PBC 1574

PBC 1574 is, among other things, very well suited for lubricating brake calipers and wheel nuts. The special paste is ealectrically non-conducting and has no adverse influence on the sensors in ABS systems. In addition, PBC 1574 prevents the seizing of screw threads, linkages, journals and flanges, even in aggressive environments.


PBC TP 492

For slowly rotating and highly loaded worm gears, PBC TP 492 is the right choice. Also for fifth wheel bearings of heavy goods vehicles and in ball joints or wiper motors, PBC TP 492 has proved to be very successful.

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