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Black pastes

The solid lubricant packages used account for the dark colour of this group of pastes. Depending on the later application of the lubricant, graphite or also molybdenum disulphide was included this way. These two media lead to improved friction coefficients of the lubricant as a result of their layer lattice structure. From this, the black pastes are particularly suitable for assembly applications when it is a matter of keeping forces or torques as low as possible. This is always the case for large components or interference fits. It is seen here that graphite and particularly molybdenum disulphide have an enormous pressure resistance. This way, not only can the friction coefficient be lowered by the black pastes, but also the component wear can be minimised.

In addition, the products are very suited to high-temperature applications, e.g. as wheel bearing lubricant in blast furnaces or as casting ladle facing. The black pastes have also always proved themselves as anti-seize paste and lubricant for steering columns.

Black pastes at a glance:



GLEITMO 100 and GLEITMO 100 S offer the optimal solution for all pressing-in and assembly work. Through the addition of graphite or MoS2, the lubricant achieves a very low friction coefficient, which assists the process of assembly of bolts, bearings and bushings without damage and with the lowest possible forces, moments and therefore also smaller tools.


GLEITMO 700 / 705

For separating metals, from glowing up to liquid from spouts and the casting tools used with them or for lubrication of highly tempered bearings, bolts or hinges GLEITMO 700 and GLEITMO 705 are the right choice.


MOLYPAUL GP 109 (S-722) / MOLYPAUL ZX 13 (S-720)

With their high content of solid lubricants, the lubricating pastes MOLYPAUL GP 109 (S-722) and MOLYPAUL ZX 13 (S-720) are ideally suited as anti-seize pastes. Both products have a NATO approval, confirming their performance in bearings with high-pressure loads regardless of the weather conditions.


CARBAFLO 3631 / 3701

CARBAFLO 3631 combines the best properties of black pastes and PFPE base oils. This makes both pastes very pressure-resistant and also, through the chemical properties of the base oil, inert to many acids and bases. Possible fields of application are low-speed bearings or the flanks of drive shafts, also in aggressive environments.

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