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Concrete release agents for DGNB certification

Highest quality with maximum sustainability


DGNB certification

Sustainability has developed from a trend topic to a basic requirement in building projects. Responsible use of natural resources, minimization of energy consumption and environmental compatibility are now more in focus than ever.

Due to different dimensions, however, it is difficult to measure sustainability. The DGNB (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen e.V. - German Sustainable Building Council) took up this issue a few years ago and developed a system that measures sustainability based on the topics of ecology, economy, sociocultural and functional aspects, technology, processes and location.

As proof of sustainable construction, the DGNB awards a certificate in platinum, gold, silver or bronze – depending on the degree of fulfillment of the criteria to be assessed.

DGNB certification is now considered the most important reference for sustainable building. Most public tenders in Germany refer to this certification system - thus an award is a central component in the planning of building projects today. But this certification system is also highly recognized internationally. Projects in around 30 countries have already been awarded the DGNB certificate.

The role of the concrete release agent in certification

The sustainability of concrete release agents is assessed in the field of environmental quality on the basis of 4 quality levels. The higher the quality level, the more positive the influence on a high degree of fulfillment in this category. The relevant GISCODE classification is decisive for the classification of concrete release agents in the various quality levels. The GISCODE is a risk assessment system of the German professional association for construction, which classifies the building materials used into comparable health risks. The following applies to the DGNB certification of concrete release agents: the lower the GISCODE, the more sustainable.

Quality levels for concrete release agents

SOK release agent for highest quality with DGNB certificate

In DGNB-certified construction projects, the great challenge is to combine sustainability with quality.

Solvent-based concrete release agents are often used, especially with high fair-faced concrete requirements. However, the high GISCODE classification makes DGNB certification more difficult. FUCHS LUBRITECH has already demonstrated in various construction projects that a high DGNB award and outstanding concrete quality can be achieved with sustainable release agents.

We help you to find the right release agent, taking into account your individual requirements, which leads to the highest quality of the concrete parts used and also pays for a high DGNB award. Whether in the production of precast concrete parts or in the field of in-situ concrete - we have a suitable release agent in our SOK portfolio for every requirement.

Even if the DGNB award depends on a number of other factors, with FUCHS LUBRITECH you can be sure that the concrete release agent used will achieve the maximum quality level that can be achieved for your certification. Our previous references show that you can achieve the highest DGNB award with both emulsions and other concrete release agents (e.g. SOK ECO 911).

Contact us with your concrete release agent requirements. Your personal advisor from FUCHS LUBRITECH will be happy to support you with your sustainable building project.

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