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NSF H1 HT Chain Oil for Oven Temperatures up to 300 °C

Industrial ovens in the food industry are subject to particularly demanding conditions. Baked goods are continuously transported through zones with extreme heat. The chains that drive the conveyor belts are also exposed to the high temperatures. An extreme situation in which the chain oil also faces big challenges.

In addition to the food compatibility of the lubricant, the thermal stability of the chain oil plays an important role in the high temperature range. Only if a chain oil remains flowable at high temperatures it can contribute significantly to wear protection. The higher the oven temperature, the higher the probability that most of the lubricant will evaporate and leave solid, varnish-like residues. This can lead to blocked chain links and requires extensive cleaning. Downtime costs that can be avoided!

CASSIDA CHAIN OIL XTE – NSF H1 chain oil with eXceptional thermal stability

The CASSIDA CHAIN OIL XTE heralds a new era in high-temperature chain lubrication. A new technology significantly improves the lubrication performance and thermal stability. Where other high-temperature chain oils change to the solid state, the new CASSIDA CHAIN OIL XTE remains stable and maintains the flexibility of the chain links - even at an oven temperature of up to 300 °C. That means for you:

  • reduced lubricant consumption
  • longer chain lifetime
  • reduced energy consumption
  • less production downtime
  • lower maintenance efforts

CASSIDA CHAIN OIL XTE extends the comprehensive CASSIDA NSF H1 lubricant portfolio and is also NSF ISO 21469, Kosher and Halal certified.

We look forward to consult you on the use of CASSIDA CHAIN OIL XTE on your oven or other high temperature chain applications.

CASSIDA CHAIN OIL XTE – all benefits at a glance: