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Current information on the coronavirus pandemic

Protective measures & securing the supply chain

Kaiserslautern, October 30, 2020

It is particularly important to FUCHS LUBRITECH GmbH to minimize possible effects in connection with the current developments of the Corona pandemic for our employees, customers and suppliers and to fully participate in the measures mentioned by the authorities.

Specifically, we would like to make our contribution with the following measures to fully take into account the health well-being of the people who work for and with us and thus also to ensure the continuation of business operations:

  • Establishment of an internal crisis management team that is in constant communication with the public health authority and the Group departments (e.g. company doctor)
  • Ensuring hygiene regulations and compliance with the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute in all areas of the company
  • Regular information about current changes to all employees and the decisions derived from them
  • Reduction of social contacts between our employees through increased use of home office, separation of all departments and production into different teams and zones, mirroring of functions in separate building complexes with access control, etc.
  • Implementation of a comprehensive travel and meeting ban (reduction to one-to-one meetings (in risk areas only if justifiable), use of online media for exchange, exclusion / reduction of international travel right at the beginning of the crisis, reduction to domestic travel by car)
  • Regular monitoring of the entire supply chain in close cooperation with all business partners (raw material suppliers and shipping service providers) with the aim of high availability and safeguarding the ability to deliver
  • Compliance with rules of conduct in dealing with external partners (applies in particular to the logistics zones)
  • Regular review and refreshment of critical stocks by temporarily expanding production capacities

Technical hotline for the cement industry

Due to the existing travel restrictions we are unfortunately unable to maintain our reliable technical service in many countries. In order to still offer you the greatest possible support, FUCHS is now providing a worldwide hotline for the cement industry to answer your technical questions: FLT.TechAssist@fuchs.com

With this e-mail hotline, our specialists from the Asia-Pacific, Americas and Europe/Africa regions are available to you 24/7. In order to process your request quickly, please provide as much additional information as possible (e.g. temperature/vibration measurements, pictures) and a detailed description of the issue you are facing. For the time being, this service is available free of charge until the end of May.

Technical hotline for the cement industry

Although we are currently unable to come to you personally, we are always available to you.


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