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Chemical production specialist

What are the responsibilities of a production specialists?

Chemical production specialists manufacture chemical products from organic and inorganic raw materials. In addition, they operate computer-assisted machines and production lines. They measure raw materials and fill them into containers, start up the production plants and heat, cool or distil the raw materials. At the same time, they oversee the production processes.

And especially at FUCHS LUBRITECH?

  • In the workshops (electrical workshops and locksmith's shop): In den Werkstätten (Elektrowerkstätten und Schlosserei): getting to know mechanical and electrical work, first acquaintance with various systems
  • In production: active participation in various production and manufacturing processes
    • Provision of raw materials required for production
    • Production of concrete release agents and bonded coatings by basic process engineering operations
    • Cold mixing of basic fats with additives by kneading
    • Production and filling of various fats and oils

How long does my apprenticeship take?

  • 2 years

Where does my apprenticeship take place?

Vocational school instruction takes the form of block instruction in Ludwigshafen. The internal part of the apprenticeship takes place at the headquarters in Kaiserslautern.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • A good school-leaving certificate (Berufsreife or Sekundar-Abschluss I)
  • technical skills, technical and mathematical understanding
  • A hight degree of initiative

What training opprtunities do I have?

  • Chemical master
  • Technician, specialising in chemical engineering 


Please note that speaking the german language is a basic requirement for an apprenticeship in our company.


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