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Chemical laboratory assistant

What are the responsibilities of chemical laboratory assistants?

Chemical laboratory assistants carry out analyses and quality controls, syntheses and metrological tasks independently. They plan practical work processes, record the work and evaluate the results. In their work, they must take a high level of responsibility and in particular observe the rules and regulations for occupational safety, health protection, environmental protection and quality assurance.

And especially at FUCHS LUBRITECH?

  • In the laboratory Research and development: active cooperation in the individual development departments lubricating greases/lubricating oils, dry lubricants, forming lubricants, release agents and aerosols 
  • In the laboratory quality control: Testing of the produced special lubricants for quality standards, testing of raw material qualities, documentation of measured values, ensuring the use of certified equipment
  • In analytics: spectrosocopy, chromatography, photometry, microscopy, volumentry and a multitude of other analytical and physico-chemicals methods
  • In test engineering: testing of lubrication properties with mechanical-dynamic test equipment, insights into the field of mechanical engineering
  • Insight into the departments: Product Management, Sales and Technical Service

How long does my apprenticeship last?

  • 3,5 years

Where does my apprenticeship take place?

The apprenticeship takes place in cooperation with our sister company FUCHS SCHMIERSTOFFE GMBH, Mannheim. There, inter-company training objectives are taught in weekly blocks. Vocational school instruction takes the form of block instruction at Mannheim's Heinrich-Lanz-Schule II. The in-house part of the training takes place at the headquarters in Kaiserslautern.

What should I bring with me?

  • A good school-leaving certificate (lower secondary school leaving certificate or Abitur)
  • Interest in natural sciences
  • Chemical, physical and technical understanding
  • Good mathematical understanding

What further training opportunities do I have?

Technician, specializing in chemical engineering (with emphasis)


Please note that speaking the german language is a basic requirement for an apprenticeship in our company.


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