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BOS at a glance

Industry: Manufacturer of innovative mechatronics, kinematics and plastic systems for automobiles

Products: Luggage Cover Systems, Sun Protection Systems, Panoramic Roof Systems, Door Handle Systems, Upholstery and Trim Parts and more

Foundation: 1910

Headquarters: Ostfildern, Germany

Locations: 21 world-wide

Firm size: 8,000 employees, 150,000 qm production area


As an international group of companies with locations in Europe, North America and Asia, BOS produces and distributes innovative systems and components for the automotive industry. Since being founded in 1910 the automotive supplier, which is still family-owned to this day, has grown into the technological and global market leader for sun protection, panorama roof and luggage compartment systems.

BOS required a lubricant to optimise the sliding characteristics of the guide rails for a luggage compartment.

BOS found the perfect product in CARBAFLO 2160 from FUCHS LUBRITECH. Just two months after the first test it was already being used in series production, allowing BOS to continue to meet the high requirements of the automotive industry.



The path to success


THE CHALLENGE: To prevent the sintering of mineral dust in linear sliding elements of blind covers

Dry running of the anodised layer on an aluminium profile, with a plastic slider containing glass for reasons of strength, was desired for the guide rail of an electric luggage compartment. The ingress of fine mineral dust between the slider and the sliding rail led to the sintering of the dust and thus to a running pairing of stone on anodised layer. It was not possible to rub or push away the dust. An attempt to avoid the ingress of dust through lubrication led to contamination of the rail and ultimately to an impairment of the sliding characteristics, which in turn caused creaking and sticking.


Pictures: BOS GmbH & Co. KG


THE SOLUTION: A lubricant that is temperature-resistant, dry, dust-resistant and prevents creaking

CARBAFLO 2160 – a white, virtually transparent high-temperature paste that doesn't mix with aggressive dusts. The so-called stick-slip effect is eliminated. The sliding characteristics are not impaired and creaking noises are thus prevented. CARBAFLO 2160 impressed the specialists from BOS in the very first test with its outstanding properties. The paste lubricates without oiling. Therefore, surfaces are neither visibly nor palpably contaminated. Not only that, the anti-creak paste is odourless. Therefore, it's not perceptible to the occupants of the car. Thanks to its longevity, CARBAFLO 2160 is able to withstand the most severe contaminations of sensitive slide rails and adjusting mechanisms, such as in this case luggage covers.


THE RESULT: Immediate use in series production after just one test

BOS began to use CARBAFLO 2160 in its series production in Mexico just two months after the first test. In CARBAFLO 2160, BOS now has a lubricant that it can use everywhere and above all sustainably. Lifetime lubrication means no more relubrication and additional maintenance costs are eliminated for BOS. A further positive effect is the even closer partnership between BOS and FUCHS LUBRITECH. This had already developed through cooperation in the past as well as the fact that FUCHS LUBRITECH was once again able to understand the complex problems. Open thinking and the collaboration of all experts characterise the strength of this technology partnership.

“CARBAFLO 2160 is an all-rounder, and the best example of our special lubricants. No wonder that BOS immediately began using the paste in its series production.”

Bernd Schneemann, Sales Engineer, FUCHS LUBRITECH GmbH

"The lubricant exhibits outstanding properties such as temperature resistance and noise-insulation without impairing the sliding characteristics. CARBAFLO 2160 optimises the coefficients of friction and changes the sliding parameters."

Markus Zaiser, Test Engineer, BOS GmbH & Co. KG



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