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Rapidly Biodegradable Greases

100% environmental compatibility is essential for direct contact with water. Rapidly biodegradable, environmentally friendly lubricating greases based on rape oil or synthetic esters are recommended for all friction points to which conventional greases are normally applied, but in which a hazard to river water, groundwater, drinking water and ground cannot be ruled out when using conventional lubricating greases.

PLANTO rapidly biodegradable lubricating greases from FUCHS can also be used as total loss lubricants in drainage basins, agriculture, forests and hydroelectric power stations.

What exactly is “Rapidly biodegradable” with lubricants and greases?

Biodegradability is tested according to OECD 301 B. A lubricating grease is deemed to be biodegradable if it has decomposed by at least 50% in this test.

In order to cut down on the variety of designations among rapidly biodegradable lubricating greases, a single definition for rapidly biodegradable lubricants has been established in Europe.

For this purpose, the following minimum requirements have been laid down for high-performance, rapidly biodegradable lubricating greases:

  • The content of renewable raw materials according to ASTM D-6866 must be at least 25%.
  • Biodegradability according to OECD 301 B must be at least 50%.
  • The lubricating grease must not be designated as an environmentally harmful substance.

The PLANTOGEL range from FUCHS fulfills these requirements and the products can therefore be used as rapidly biodegradable lubricating greases.

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