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Multipurpose / Longlife Greases

Multipurpose greases or multi-purpose lubricating greases are lubricating greases that can be used in an operation for as many grease lubrication points and their requirements in a wide range of requirements. A wide range of requirements essentially means a wide temperature and speed range for rolling and sliding bearings as well as high material and seal compatibility.

Long-life greases have a high resistance to aging and are often suitable for lifetime lubrication, such as e.g. the FUCHS RENOLIT LX-PEP series.

FUCHS has been developing, producing and selling high-performance lubricating greases for many decades and is one of the most important suppliers of the plain and roller bearing industry in this area. With a wealth of experience and comprehensive application know-how, FUCHS offers the right lubricant for every application worldwide.

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