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Greases for Extreme Temperatures

Typical high-temperature greases are usually used for lubricating the ejector of plastic injection machines, in the tire production and machine parts that are exposed to very high temperatures, such. B. used in tunnel kiln cars. There, the RENOLIT greases of the PU and SI series permanently prove a good and reliable lubricating function on metal / plastic sliding mating or in light and normally loaded rolling and sliding bearings, e.g. electric motors, blowers and household appliances.

High-temperature grease, on the other hand, has an even higher temperature range and is extremely important for the lubrication of rolling and plain bearings of all industrial sectors, eg. as paint shops, drying ovens, calander, machinery of the food and packaging industry and flue gas valves in power plants.

FUCHS offers the appropriate problem solvers with the special lubricating greases of the RENOLIT SI and ST series.

Very good low temperature properties are often in demand for year-round greases for construction machinery and mining vehicles. An optimal corrosion protection capacity, a high aging resistance and very low start-up resistances even at lowest temperatures are essential here.

FUCHS also offers a portfolio of reliable and proven products for this very special application, such as: the classic RENOLIT POLAR BLACK or RENOLIT S2 for temperatures down to -60 °C.

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