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Turbine Oils

The global energy demand is growing steadily. In addition to the construction of new power plants, increasing the efficiency of energy production in existing power plants is becoming more and more important.

The use of new technologies in the power plants and the improvement of the efficiencies of gas and steam turbines with ever higher outputs also places higher demands on the performance of the lubricants used. Significantly smaller oil volumes with increased performance of the turbines and the use of an oil circuit in coupled gas and steam turbine plants (combined cycle) need long-lasting turbine oils, the u. a. have excellent thermal-oxidative stability and excellent water and air separation ability.

FUCHS has developed the turbine oils of the RENOLIN ETERNA series and the RENOLIN ETERNA SGV series to meet these requirements for systems with or without highly loaded gearboxes.

FUCHS has developed turbine oils that offer real added value through improved wear and corrosion protection as well as high system efficiency.

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