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Water-miscible cutting fluids - Tips

You use water-miscible cooling lubricants and your production must be shut down at short notice?

Here you will find tips on how to avoid problems with your coolant.

Water-miscible cooling lubricants such as FUCHS ECOCOOL require a certain amount of attention when production is shut down on the affected machine tools in order to avoid problems during the downtime and when restarting later.

The FUCHS product management experts recommend the following measures:

  • Pending maintenance, monitoring or adjustment measures (removal of tramp oil, addition of biocides in the case of germs, increase in concentration, addition of alkalizers, etc.) should be implemented before shutting down the machine
  • Top up minimum stocks of biocides and alkalis where necessary
  • Increase the concentration to 1% above the setpoint before the pending shutdown and to a minimum concentration of 7% for boron-free products

Central systems:

  • If possible, change from "weekend switching interval" to daily "switching interval".
  • Allow circulation of the cooling lubricant even during the period of standstill, if this is technically feasible

Single filled systems:

  • If possible, switch to daily switching interval; alternatively, the input of air would be useful
  • Also here applies: if technically feasible, circulation of the cooling lubricant would also be optimal during the standstill period
  • Empty cooling lubricants in poor serviceability condition (pH value, reserve alkalinity, germ contamination, etc.) from the processing equipment and only fill them fresh and new shortly before resuming production.

A pre-conservation of the plants is not absolutely necessary, as the biocides currently available on the market do not show any depot effect. However, if bacterial growth occurs during the shutdown phase, it may be necessary to add a biocide. We therefore recommend that you check your biocide stocks and, if necessary, build up stocks of biocides and alkalizers. It is also necessary to regularly check the cooling lubricant systems during the production shutdown.

Parts susceptible to corrosion should be protected against corrosion before the plant is shut down. Our extensive ANTICORIT product range is available for this purpose.

If you have any further technical questions please contact our service hotline under (+49) 0800 45 40 141.

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