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Globally unique XTL® technology

Requirements for modern engine oils

Modern passenger vehicle engine oils that meet the requirements of engine manufacturers already offer high performance. Yet the temperature loads to which engine oils are subjected are increasing significantly, for example due to the effects of downsizing in engine design. The climatic conditions in which engines need to operate reliably at all times are also becoming more extreme. Added to this are new, energy-saving technologies such as stop/start systems, which have special requirements of the starting characteristics and lubrication reliability of an engine oil. The loads encountered by engine oils throughout the entire service life specified by the manufacturer are increasing markedly overall. This makes it all the more important for the oil to get where it is needed quickly.

Good reasons for FUCHS, the leading first-fill specialist in the German automotive industry, to develop a new engine oil technology that offers additional, long-term stable power reserves. The key technological advantage of the new base oil technology lies in the optimized viscosity-temperature behavior. Compared to conventional base oils, the new XTL® technology boasts a particularly high viscosity index.

This means that the viscosity is far less dependent on temperature and offers excellent performance potential under both extremely hot and extremely cold operating conditions.

The performance was examined in a series of thorough tests. For example, a conventional engine oil with current SAE 5W-30 technology was compared with an engine oil of the same viscosity based on the new XTL® technology in a cold chamber at -27°C to test the respective starting behavior. The tests confirmed the significant overall advantages of the XTL® engine oil technology over conventional SAE 5W-30 engine oils:

  • Better cold start behavior: up to 55% faster lubrication times and up to 35% faster start times
  • Lower fuel consumption: up to 1.7% additional reduction in fuel consumption
  • Lower oil consumption: up to 18% less oil consumption
  • Improved aging stability, reduced wear: 38% lower increase in viscosity, offering improved performance and operational reliability throughout and beyond the oil change interval
  • Better protection with E10: the ethanol component in the new E10 fuel can form acids due to oxidation which can then lead to corrosion and wear; with their good neutralization capacity and oxidation stability, the new XTL® engine oils are ideally equipped to handle this and offer additional protection for the engine

The top-grade premium engine oils TITAN GT1 FLEX 5 SAE 0W-20, TITAN GT1 PRO V SAE 0W-20TITAN GT1 PRO C-3 SAE 5W-30 and TITAN GT1 FLEX 3 SAE 5W-40 all employ the new XTL® technology and have already been approved by well-known engine manufacturers.

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