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The workshop oil

Refill oil – an attractive business

It is commonly believed that workshops offer the most expensive oil. In order to avoid losing out on this attractive business, it is therefore all the more important to position the topic of refill oil with your customers. FUCHS LUBRICANTS GERMANY helps you strengthen this business. We are at your side with advice and support as part of attractive sales promotions to help you bind your customers.

In the light of today's ever longer changing intervals, refill oil plays a highly significant role.

This is not immediately apparent to the end consumers, as they pay the bill after their visit to the workshop and will only return when the next inspection is due. The opportunity to buy an additional liter of oil is not often taken advantage of. Moreover, if the oil warning light comes on, workshops are held responsible for not filling enough oil. The oil is then frequently purchased in supermarkets or filling stations instead of in the workshop – meaning that the workshop does not often profit from this service. It is therefore more important than ever to make customers aware that they should not wait until the next inspection to top up the oil, but should always store the appropriate oil in the trunk as a precaution. In addition, in their manuals vehicle manufacturers point out that the oil level should always be checked in between the specified oil change intervals. There is a demand for refill oil – we would be happy to advice you on this and support your workshop business. Feel free to contact us.

5 good reasons for TITAN engine oils

  • Maximum quality promise for your oil business.
  • Convince your customers with FUCHS workshop oil.
  • Product diversity from a single source.
  • Whether engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils or other service products – you can get what you need from FUCHS.
  • For reduced oil and fuel consumption.
  • Impress your customers with an oil that offers clear advantages.

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  • Ultimate production quality.
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