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Gear+: Higher Revenue Through Transmission Oil Service

An attractive business for your workshop

The still widespread belief that automatic transmissions do without oil changes is outdated. The gearbox and the automatic transmission fluid used are often exposed to difficult conditions:

Frequent highway driving in a higher speed range or a sporty driving style leads

  • to high operating temperatures,
  • increased wear of the gear oils used as well as 
  • to significant losses of shifting comfort.

Gear+  is:

A comprehensive concept, which supports you with the following topics:

  • A worldwide unique range of transmission oils for every vehicle fleet.
  • Gear+ Flushing Device: Flushing of transmissions with manufacturer-approved automatic transmission oil flushing device from our German premium partner.
  • Gear+ Filling System: Easy filling of transmissions due to special transmission filling system.
  • Gear+ Display: Proper storage of FUCHS lubricants.
  • Gear+ Training: Training for the use of the automatic transmission oil flushing device.
  • Videos for automatic transmission oil flushing.
  • Other promotional materials (banner, poster, flyer etc.).

With our partner GL GmbH, we offer you the optimal solution for your customers to effectively clean the automatic transmission by flushing the oil circuit and filling it completely with the appropriate fresh oil. For this purpose, specially designed devices such as the Gear+ are in demand according to manufacturer specifications. Build yourself a high-margin business-  because there are currently only a few workshops offering this service. Increase the satisfaction of your customers with this automatic transmission oil service and the significant improvements in shifting behavior and a clear before-and-after effect.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Flushing made easy with

the Gear+ Flushing Device

  • Manufacturer approval from Mercedes-Benz
  • Without aggressive and cost-intensive cleaners
  • Loss-free flushing (up to 50% less use of fresh oil)
  • High-quality construction "Made in Germany"
  • Easy handling

and Gear+ Display

  • Space-saving and clear storage of different oil types (9 x 20 liter canisters)
  • Simple construction
  • With wall fixing device

Overview of all advantages of the Gear+ Display

FUCHS helps you to build this business successfully. Through comprehensive advice and on-site support as well as attractive conditions and suitable sales support we will help you to improve your customer loyalty significantly.

Unique product portfolio with a broad range of approvals

Modern passenger car transmissions require modern high-performance lubricants for trouble-free operation over the entire service life, which protect the transmission from wear and significantly improve shifting comfort. The extension of the change intervals up to a lifetime filling also increase the requirements for the quality of the oils. As a leading development partner of the world's leading gear manufacturers, we are up to the minute and meet the required quality through a broad range of manufacturer approvals.



Premium Performance ATF with reduced viscosity, especially developed to further optimize fuel-economy and gearbox efficiency of latest generation Mercedes-Benz 7-speed automatic transmissions. Not downwards compatible with previous MB-ATF-Specifications. Product dyeing: blue.

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Ultra High Performance ATF, specially developed to optimize shifting performance of Mercedes-Benz automatic transmissions. Product dyeing: red.

>  More product details


Premium Performance ATF, specially developed to optimize the shifting performance of ZF automatic transmissions. Product dyeing: green.

>  More product details


Ultra High Performance ATF, specially developed to optimize the shifting performance of ZF automatic transmissions. Product dyeing: none.

>  More product details


Premium Performance ATF with reduced viscosity specifically formulated for automatic transmissions of Japanese and American manufacturers. Licensed according to DEXRON VI and MERCON LV. Product dyeing: red.

>  More product details


Ultra High Performance Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid (CVTF) specially designed for use in many CVT-gearboxes using push-belts or transmission chains made of steel.
Product dyeing: none.

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Ultra High Performance Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid (CVTF) specially designed for Mercedes-Benz and Ford CVT-gearboxes.
Product dyeing: none.

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Premium Performance DCTF. Specially developed for VW Double Clutch Transmission with wet clutch. [Provides optimum wear protection and excellent friction properties even under hard conditions and offers best shifting performance over the whole lifetime.]

>  More product details

Development of transmission oil quantity in Germany

The amount of vehicles ordered and delivered from the manufacturer with an automatic transmission has risen sharply; more and more vehicle models are being delivered exclusively with an automatic transmission. The cause: the optimization of fuel consumption and thus the reduction of emissions, as well as increasing driving comfort. More transmissions, which are delivered with ATF oil, which is heavily loaded and worn over the service life of the vehicle, result in a strongly increased demand for ATF changes and/or transmission fluid flushings.

The forecast: ATF service will soon be part of a standard with which you can offer your customers complete maintenance and problem solving at the same time - we will be happy to support you.


Use the opportunity to inform your customers in detail about the maintenance of their vehicles. Do not forget: Your customers can’t be the specialists regarding ATF and rely on your knowledge and experience. Provide your customers with security through suitable service offers and suitable products.

Learn more about the requirements of modern gear oils.

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