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The FUCHS MAINTAIN range of workshop and service products is a comprehensive portfolio of  service fluids  as coolant additives, brake fluids and fuel additives. These offer your vehicle an optimum protection at all times. Service fluids which, in addition to conventional applications, are also suitable for use in electric and hybrid vehicles, are labelled with BluEV Technology.

    Only premium products like the MAINTAIN FRICOFIN range offer certified safety and are capable of fulfilling all tasks and requirements expected of modern antifreeze.
    Particularly important is corrosion protection. The MAINTAIN FRICOFIN range of coolants reliably prevents corrosion. The key components here are so-called corrosion inhibitors. They bond with the metals in the cooling system and form a wafer thin, yet extremely strong protective layer on their surface.

  • Brake fluids MAINTAIN DOT 4 HT and MAINTAIN DOT 514 LV
    The FUCHS MAINTAIN DOT 4 HT and MAINTAIN DOT 514 LV brake fluids are high performance fluids that fulfill or exceed all requirements.

    MAINTAIN GASOLINE PLUS is a Super High Performance gasoline additive concentrate for cleaning the fuel and intake system. This protects the engine and can help save fuel. Recommended for continuous use.

    MAINTAIN ABSORPEX is a granular mineral oil binder with extremely high absorption capacity that is used to combat oil pollution and other chemicals.


Our MAINTAIN products match with nearly every vehicle type and offer the best possible protection together with the latest technology.

Further information about service fluids from FUCHS can be found here.

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