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FUCHS has been a longtime sponsor and technology partner of the highly successful BLACK FALCON racing team. Here in the racing team and filled in the referring racing cars, the latest lubricant developments in the field of engine-, transmission- and gear oils for axles are tested on the racetrack before they come onto the market as service oils.

Race reports 2020

Double class victories for BLACK FALCON Team at the Nürburgring

Despite rain showers, changing track conditions, and a race cancelation during the night, the BLACK FALCON team achieved excellent results with its three cars at the 48th 24-hour race on the 25.378-kilometer combination of the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit and the Nordschleife.

The Mercedes-AMG GT4 of the BLACK FALCON Team TEXTAR (#38), driven by Mustafa Mehmet Kaya, Reinhold Renger, Mike Stursberg, and Tristan Viidas, won second place in the SP8T class and came 21st overall. Directly behind, the IDENTICA Porsche 991 GT3 (#35) of Marek Böckmann, Tobias Müller, Carlos Rivas, and Maik Rosenberg celebrated a win in the Cup MR SP-Pro class and won 22nd place overall. Ben Bünnagel, “Max”, Florian Naumann, and Michael Rebhan pushed their TEXTAR Porsche Cayman GT4 (#306) to a hard-earned victory in the highly competitive CUP3 class and finished in 30th place overall.

Managing Director at BLACK FALCON, Alex Böhm, said: “The fact that we didn’t have a single technical problem with all three cars in the race speaks for the quality and ambition of the whole team.”

Race reports 2019

BLACK FALCON delivers strong team performance at the VLN8

The BLACK FALCON team celebrated an overall podium, two class victories, several podium places and two championship titles in the penultimate race of the endurance championship at the Nürburgring circuit.

The BLACK FALCON Team AutoArena Mercedes-AMG GT3 #6 fought for the win for a long time, circumstances forced them to 4th place until the runner-up’s exclusion saw them back in 3rd. The Mercedes-AMG GT3 #54 developed for the 2020 season was also successful. Despite several handicaps due to first race regulations, the team advanced to 8th place in the overall standings and won the SPX class.

The BLACK FALCON Team IDENTICA Mercedes-AMG GT4 #162, which is fighting for the championship in the SP10 class, was involved in a starting accident through no fault of its own. The mechanics rapidly fixed the damage during the race interruption, allowing the drivers to battle their way to 2nd place and have the championship at VLN9 within their grasp.

For the BLACK FALCON Team TEXTAR, Peter Ludwig, double starter Manuel Metzger and “Takis”, started for the first time with the redesigned Porsche 991 GT3 Cup MR2 #57. The trio won the SP7 class. The drivers of the Porsche 991 Carrera #395 took another podium place for the BLACK FALCON Team TEXTAR. They crossed the finish line as runners-up in the V6 class and secured the championship title early.

BLACK FALCON Team Knuffi celebrated a podium finish in the SP8T class with the Mercedes-AMG GT4 #155. Mustafa Mehmet Kaya, Stephan Rösler and Gabriele Piana were leading for a long time with the AMG GT4 #152, but an incident cost them a few minutes and they finished 5th. Despite this, regular Knuffi driver Kaya is ahead and unbeatable in the SP8T class and can be proud of his early win in the SP8T championship.

BLACK FALCON with overall podium and excellent class results at the 24h Race

BLACK FALCON achieved third place overall at the 47th edition of the 24h race at the Nürburgring. Maximilian Buhk, Hubert Haupt, Thomas Jäger and Luca Stolz secured a visit to the podium with the Mercedes-AMG GT3 in an action-packed race. In the SP10 class Marek Böckmann, Yannick Mettler, Tobias Müller and Tristan Viidas won with the Mercedes-AMG GT4 #70. The quartet had a very exciting race with the competitors until Sunday afternoon. BLACK FALCON celebrated a double victory in the V6 class in the production cars. Alexander Akimenkov, Ronny Lethmate, Carlos Rivas and Vasilii Selivanov won with the Porsche 991 Carrera #133, their team mates Christoph Hoffmann, Carsten Palluth, Tobias Wahl and Robert Woodside crossed the finish line in the identical car with the #132 in second place. In the SP7 class Peter Ludwig, Maik Rosenberg, "Takis" and Dennis Trebing secured third place. The AMG GT4 #46 by Stefan Karg, Mustafa Mehmet Kaya, Reinhold Renger and Mike Stursberg finished sixth in the SP8T after a long repair break due to a collision through no fault of their own. The two Mercedes-AMG GT3s with start numbers 2 and 6 were eliminated prematurely due to accidents.

Race reports 2018

24h Race - Exciting race with successful result

At the Nürburgring 24-hour race, the entire BLACK FALCON team performed perfectly, securing second, third and fifth overall places and two class wins with toughest weather conditions. The Mercedes-AMG GT3 with the start number 4 fought until the end for the overall victory. An interim lead of over four minutes was neutralized after nearly 20 hours driving time by a race interruption due to fog. Just over 70 minutes before the end the race was restarted in pouring rain. After an exciting finale, the car finally crossed the finish line in second place. Their teammates with the start number 5 were also allowed to celebrate on the podium after an impressive and perfect performance as third overall. The third BLACK FALCON Mercedes-AMG GT3 (# 6) was a strong fifth. BLACK FALCON thus placed the three best-placed Mercedes-AMG GT3s at this year's 24-hour race in the Eifel. In the SP10 class, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 clinched the world's first victory in a 24-hour race. The Porsche 911 Carrera won the V6 class, securing BLACK FALCON's fourth V6 class victory in series at the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring.

FUCHS is technology partner of BLACK FALCON. In addition to various FUCHS gear oil solutions, the team particularly focuses on special, friction-optimized engine oils from FUCHS with the latest additive technology.

VLN-Season 2018 at the Nürburgring

Successful VLN-Weekend for BLACK FALCON

With the second VLN race, the BLACK FALCON GT3 riders began preparing for the 24-hour race in May. At the qualifying on Saturday morning, three Mercedes-AMG GT3 went for a timed hunt. The quartet Christodoulou, Engel, Metzger and Müller made it as the only Mercedes-AMG GT3 under the magical limit of eight minutes and thus qualified for third place. The sister car # 15 Mercedes-AMG Team BLACK FALCON took the eleventh place. The third vehicle, the Mercedes-AMG GT3 # 6, was severely damaged in an accident in training and dropped out for the race.

From the start, a thrilling fight for the overall lead developed, which allowed no mistakes over the entire race distance. The # 14 fought until the end for the overall victory and had beaten in the finish line only eight seconds. The Mercedes-AMG GT3 # 15 finished the race in eighth place.

At the second round of the VLN at the Nürburgring, BLACK FALCON achieved a second overall place, a class win and several podium finishes. The Mercedes-AMG GT3 (# 14) finished the four-hour race at overall position two. In class SP10 the Mercedes-AMG GT4 (# 163) also took the second place. The team in the Porsche 911 Carrera (# 395) secured victory in class V6.

BLACK FALCON at 24h Dubai 2018

Fourth overall victory

Team BLACK FALCON has begun 2018 in the best possible way, taking first place overall in the 24 Hours Dubai.
BLACK FALCON entered three Mercedes-AMG GT3s in the headline A6 category for GT3-specification racecars, along with an example of the new Mercedes-AMG GT4 which the team had been developing during 2017.

The metallic-green A6-Pro #2 GT3 featured Abdulaziz Al Faisal, Hubert Haupt, Yelmer Buurman and Gabriele Piana. Local star Khaled Al Qubaisi drove the second GT3 entry, red #3 in A6-Pro, alongside Jeroen Bleekemolen, Luca Stolz and Manuel Metzger, while the roster for the silver A6-Am #7 GT3 included Kriton Lendoudis, FIA WEC GTE Am champion Rui Aguas, Saud Al Faisal and Saeed Al Mouri. Entered under the BLACK FALCON Team TMD Friction banner, the drivers for the #264 Mercedes-AMG GT R SP-X were Kevin Wing Kin Tse, Frank Yu, Jonathan Hui and Antares Au.

Following the mass rolling start for the 89 entries under the warm desert sun at 14:00 on Friday, the first hour went perfectly for the #3 Mercedes-AMG GT3. However, it was a different story for the #7 car, as a collision with a Porsche around the busy track forced Rui to pit his Mercedes with a broken steering rack.
Just before midnight, the relentless pressure put on the leading Porsche by the drivers of #2 and #3 paid off, with the two Mercedes leapfrogging ahead to run first and second throughout the night. The pit-crew put in a stellar performance, their hard work on #7 resulting in that car taking the finish despite its earlier travails.
In the GT4 class, the drivers of the #264 Mercedes brought their charge home in a strong third place to take the final podium position in the class, with the sister Besagroup car finishing fourth.

It’s been another incredible event for the team in Dubai. Victory is never taken for granted, and is only ever the result of hard work and total commitment by every member of the team. Team BLACK FALCON will be carrying forward this positive energy into the 2018 season and their programmes in the VLN, Blancpain Endurance Series and more appearances in Creventic-organised endurance events.

Race reports 2017

VLN-Season 2017 at the Nürburgring

ADAC Zurich 24 Hours Nürburgring - Results

Team BLACK FALCON’s 2017 adventure at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring has ended with the addition of yet another pair of class victories to their already impressive tally at the race, as well as manufacturer pride for once again registering the highest-placed finish for the Mercedes brand with fifth position overall. All three of the team’s Mercedes made it to the flag after 24 hours of racing which were fraught with challenges, a result further sweetened by the wins in the V6 and SP10 classes. The first position in V6 was the third in a row at the 24 Hours Nürburgring for a BLACK FALCON Team TMD Friction-entered Porsche 911, whilst the SP10 class was an inaugural win for their Porsche Cayman.

After the race, Sean-Paul Breslin, Team BLACK FALCON Team Principal, commented: “I’m really happy with the job that the team did at the toughest 24-hour race of the year, and we can be proud of what we’ve achieved here this weekend.”

Backing up Sean-Paul’s sentiments, Alexander Böhm, Team Principal of BLACK FALCON Team TMD Friction, added: “As in the past years, the team has shown tireless dedication and a great performance. This was rewarded with the third V6 class victory in a row and the first class victory in the SP10 at the 24 Hour race. I am proud of the team and would like to thank everyone who has been working for BLACK FALCON this weekend.”

Three podium places für BLACK FALCON at the second VLN race

Just like at the first VLN race two weeks ago, the famous weather showed itself again at its best. In the best conditions, a total of 195 participants started early in the morning on one-half-hour training. A lot of fans had already gathered around the Nordschleife to be able to feast during the hunt for the best round-the-clock live on the spot. BLACK FALCON had a total of seven vehicles in use, which were divided between four vehicles of the Porsche brand and three of the Mercedes-AMG brand.

In the second round of the Nürburgring long-distance race (VLN) three of four Porsche from the BLACK FALCON Team TMD Friction finished the four-hour race on the respective class podium. The best Mercedes-AMG GT3 of the Mercedes-AMG Team BLACK FALCON came on the overall position of seven.

BLACK FALCON – Season opening

As the year 2017 starts with a great third overall place as well as a class victory in the 24 hours of Dubai, BLACK FALCON concentrates now at home and on the VLN long-distance championship Nürburgring. The world's largest racing sport series is already entering its 41st season this year and promises again full starter fields as well as racing vehicles with massive performance differences, which are the time hunt around the Nürburg. BLACK FALCON will be launching a total of three Mercedes-AMG GT3 vehicles, which are called the AMG Performance Team BLACK FALCON. The Porsche under the flag of the BLACK FALCON Team TMD Friction will also be back in the team in 2017.

The VLN long-distance championship promises exciting racing action as usual and BLACK FALCON is well prepared if the engines are restarted after the long winter break.

FUCHS SCHMIERSTOFFE wishes a successful season 2017.

Race reports 2016

VLN-Season 2016 at the Nürburgring

Great results despite difficult weather conditions

At a turbulent ninth VLN race of the season BLACK FALCON brought home four cars and won class SP7. Tim Scheerbarth and Alex Toril resisted bad weather conditions and additionally set the fastest lap in their hard fought class. Stefan Karg, Runar Vatne and Manuel Metzger faced a spectacular photo finish when their Porsche Cayman GT4 CS #943 crossed the line in position four of class CUP3. The trio also set the fastest lap of their class. In the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup #57 Jürgen Bleul, Takis and Carsten Knechtges finished fourth in class SP7. Fidel Leib and Saud Al Faisal also came home fourth in the class-V5-entered Porsche Cayman. The Team Black Falcon entered Mercedes-AMG GT3 crashed out close to the end of the race when rain started to fall.

Outstanding victories for the BLACK FALCON AMG-team at the 24-Hour Race on Nürburgring

The Black Falcon AMG-team scored the win in a breathtaking final overtaking in the last lap, which was the closest in the history of this event. The Black Falcon AMG-team sponsored by FUCHS SCHMIERSTOFFE GmbH delivered an exciting performance and at the end of a masterful race of 3,400 kilometers triumphed at the 44th ADAC Zurich 24-Hour Race on the legendary track of Nürburgring. The victorious quartet, Adam Christodoulou, Maro Engel, Manuel Metzger and Bernd Schneider started from 17th place into the race affected by changing weather conditions and had a flawless and nearly perfect race over the full distance. Less than one minute before the 24-hour mark, Christian Hohenadel was in the lead with the HTP-Motorsport Mercedes-AMG GT3 when Maro Engel from the Black Falcon AMG-team overtook him and crossed the line with less than a second between them. Engel made the right move on the Grand Prix track and overtook Hohenadel securing Black Falcon’s second victory at the ADAC Zurich 24-Hour Race. The 3rd place on the podium went to AMGHaribo Racing team of Uwe Alzen, Lance David Arnold, Jan Seyffarth and Maximilian Götz. The German brand Mercedes achieved a clean sweep by placing five of its six cars in the top six.

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